Modular Weapon System (SKW .338) is fed with 8.6×70 mm ammunition (the .338 Lapua Magnum). It is designated to annihilate or disable live force, means of fire and technical equipment, in any terrain and in any meteorological conditions, as well during the day as at night. The rifle shoots single fire series towards targets within 1500 m distance. The Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle operates on the basis of energy use of combusted gunpowder gases which are lead off through the side vent of the barrel. The energy is transferred to the slide (bolt carrier) by a simple short motion of a gas piston. The breechblock is locked by turning. The rifle is adapted for left-handed shooters because the safety lever, magazine release button, breechblock operating lever are placed on the both sides of the weapon. The rifle is characterized by a full interchangeability of its subassemblies and parts (the lack of individual matching) and ergonomics identified with the AR rifles. The weapon features modular construction, very high ergonomics of usage, easily replaceable barrel and folding or steady butt-stock.



Technical Data

Ammunition 8,6 x 70 mm (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Range 1500 m
Lenght 1300 / 1045 mm (with 26″ barrel)
Barrel lenght 26″ (660 mm)
Weight 7,3 kg with 26″ barrel
Magazine capacity 10 rounds

* Weight is dependent on rifle accessories (without magazine and sights)