Modular Weapon System MWS-25 (SKW .308) is designated for destroy and disabling of live force or technical equipment in any terrain conditions regardless the time of day or type of weather. The rifle is dedicated for improving shooting skills within medium and long distance ranges. The work cycle of the weapon is semi-automatic and it is used against uncovered targets located within the 900 meter distance.

The weapon is a gas-operated, semi-automatic designated marksman rifle with rotating bolt. The rifle uses short-stroke gas piston system. The rifle operation mode can be adjusted with the four-stage gas regulator. The rifle is adapted for both right- and left-hand shooters because it contains ambidextrous safety selectors, magazine release button and bolt catch release button. The weapon is characterized by fully interchangeability parts and ergonomics similar to AR rifles. SKW rifles in .308 WIN calibers can be assembled with several different barrels in various lengths: 20 and 16.5 inches characterized by extended gas system; or 16 and 13 inch barrels equipped with short gas system.


Technical Data


Ammunition .308 Winchester (7.62 x 51 mm NATO)
Overall length (folded/unfolded buttstock) 902/629 mm (13”)
978/705 mm (16”)
991/718 mm (16.5”)
1088/815 mm (20”)
Barrel length 330.2 mm (13”)
406.4 mm (16”)
419.1 mm (16,5”)
508 mm (20”)
Weight 4.6 kg (13”)
5.2kg (16/16,5”)
5.8 kg (20”)
Magazine capacity 10/20 rounds
* Weight is dependent on rifle accessories (without magazine and sights)