Company Overview

Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów SA continuously execute industrial activities since 1917, which makes the company one of the oldest enterprises in Tarnow.

Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów’s showcase is a wide range of armament and military equipment: air defence systems, small arms and mortars. The training systems also play a particular role in our offer. Moreover, the company provides cooperation services including plastic working, electroplating and heat treatment, chemical technologies and machining.

The company is able to offer such a wide range of products through constant focus on the research, development and products innovation. Expansion of design and research facilities and improving the qualifications of the crew allow the evolution towards the engineering company.

Established R&D Centre has the ability to create innovative defence products for the military and uniformed services and provides strengthen company’s position among the leaders of Polish defense industry also developing the sales in foreign markets.

All companies and institutions interested in the development of technologies for the defence needs are welcome to cooperate with us. We also invite civil market business partners for cooperation.